Is Your Food Causing Global Warming?

Your Diet Food Carbon Footprint was created by Bon Appétit Management Company, a food service pioneer operating hundreds of cafés all over America for corporations, universities, and specialty venues.  This website brings the work of various researchers who have been calculating the environmental impact of various food items.  You may be surprised at some of the results.

Which are the World's Most Valuable Brands

Forbes Most Valuable Brands 2015
A couple of weeks ago, we featured a page showing the world's most popular brands (article here).  However, being popular doesn't necessarily make you valuable.  Today we found a list by Forbes showing the world's top 100 valuable brands for 2015.  The top 3 might be brands one would have mentioned in his top 5: #1 is Apple leading the way with a staggering $145.3 billion brand value, #2 is Microsoft at a significantly lower $69.3 billion, and #3 is Google at a close $65.6 billion brand value.  

Any surprises in the list?... 

World Population History - Explore the Peopling of our Planet

World Population History Interactive Map is an interactive site that lets you explore the peopling of our planet from multiple perspectives – historical, environmental, social and political. It is about the 2,000-year journey of human civilization and the possible paths ahead to the middle of this century. Start dragging the bar along the timeline and watch the dots increase on the map. The timeline being split up in 5 sections allows you to analyze historical markers, inventions and discoveries, changes in farming and aquaculture, milestones in medicine and public health, as well as events relating to environmental issues.

Explore the peopling of our planet in an easy and interactive format here.

Marty - The Self Drifting Electric DeLorean

Just today on Back to the Future Day, a group of Stanford researchers unveiled the university's latest self-driving vehicle, and what more appropriate than a DeLorean DMC-12? Only this time, the vehicle is electric... and it can drift as well... completely on its own. The researchers state that Marty stands for "Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control." Then again, it seems more like the name was chosen in direct remembrance to Marty McFly from Back to the Future. The scope of Marty (the car) is to drift like a professional race car driver, in order to study how cars perform in extreme situations, which could ultimately guide the development of autonomous safety protocols.

Read more on Marty and watch the video clip here.

Here Is Today - An Interactive Look at Time

Here is Today is a look at time through an interactive stacked bar chart. Click your way from today up to the initial formations of the Earth around 4.6 billion years ago. Then use this timeline to visualize when the first simple life forms and oxidation occurred, through to when the first fish and insects started to inhabit the Earth, and then when human beings reached anatomical modernity at just 200,000 years ago. If that's not enough to show you how tiny our existence is on such a timescale, the last step will illustrate the timescale of how old the universe is estimated to be - around 13.8 billion years old.

Click your way through this elegant portrayal of the history of time here.