Which are the World's Most Valuable Brands

Forbes Most Valuable Brands 2015
A couple of weeks ago, we featured a page showing the world's most popular brands (article here).  However, being popular doesn't necessarily make you valuable.  Today we found a list by Forbes showing the world's top 100 valuable brands for 2015.  The top 3 might be brands one would have mentioned in his top 5: #1 is Apple leading the way with a staggering $145.3 billion brand value, #2 is Microsoft at a significantly lower $69.3 billion, and #3 is Google at a close $65.6 billion brand value.  

Any surprises in the list?... 

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Facebook, down to #10.  At #4, Coca-Cola might also be a surprise for many, with the extremely popular fast food chain McDonalds at #6.  We will need to re-visit the list next year with rankings for 2016 to see how the WHO report on processed food published a couple of days ago will affect McDonalds market value.  It could also be the case of McDonalds realigning their menu to meet more the demands of health conscious customers.

With regards to automakers, despite being in the news for a number of recalls this year, Japanese carmaker Toyota leads to way at #8.  The Germans follow with BMW at #16,  to be chased by another Japanese company Honda at #23.  Volkswagon are at #67 in the overall list, and it is interesting to monitor these next year to see what impact the emissions scandal would leave on this German brand.

And beer?  Well... Budweiser are the beer kings at #25, with Heineken second albeit barely making it into the list at #90.

Browse through the whole list of the world's most valuable brands here.