- Play with Sand, Online in Your Browser is a virtual sand box.  Sand?  Out from the pointer of your mouse.  The box?  Your browser window.  Yes, just click your mouse and spread that sand over your monitor screen.  Go on and build cosmic landscapes, Clemens-style sand paintings, mandalas and more!

The designers of state that they “wanted to create a playground of colours and sound for people to play with us in our sandbox – within the computer screen”.  You can choose any colour from the RGB palette to use.  Then, when you click your mouse, sand starts flowing out and settles at the bottom of your browser window.  Continue spreading sand and start building those drawings.  You can change the sand colour any time in the process to increase those definitions.  And make sure to turn those speakers on whilst playing with the sand.  The sounds of the falling sand also resemble a real life phenomenon, and here we have to quote the site itself since it is so beautifully explained... “singing sand is discovered in about 35 desert locations around the world where wind triggers a low-pitch sound in the natural sand.  Instead of nature’s frequencies the digital sand generates white noise, which is a random signal with a flat power density.  It is considered analogous to white light which contains all frequencies – like the RGB sand on”

And here you don’t have to worry about the weather; you can play anytime and anywhere.  So start those sand drawings... you can even showcase your art in the online gallery or even print it out.  What’s more?  You might even be good enough to be asked to allow your work to be showcased in a public exhibition, or even in popular magazines. has till now been showcased in various famous cities such as Turku, Helsinki and London.  Now, back to that sandbox...

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