Hammer & Coop - campaigning the Mini with action packed sexy webisodes

Remember the Hammer & Coop webisodes from around 3 years ago?  To those that never heard of this series, Hammer & Coop was an online short-film series forming part of the marketing campaign for the new 2007 Mini.  The car enthusiasts among you might compare the series to the original Starsky and Hutch way back in the 70s.  Hammer & Coop in fact parodies previous car action series, mostly Knight Rider and the mentioned Starsky and Hutch.

The campaign consists of 6 episodes, featuring Hammer (played by Bryan Callen) and his faithful 2007 Mini, equipped with artificial intelligence and a British voice making it very similar to the legendary Kitt car from Knight Rider.  The first episode kicks off with Hammer being pursued by this burly man, Reggie, who is looking for Coop.  This is where Coop enters the scene and rescues Hammer.  Follow Hammer and Coop’s adventures in the following episodes, in which they escape ninjas, help a pretty girl who has run out of gas, Hammer finding himself in the middle of the desert in only his underwear, and more!

Unfortunately, the original website of Hammer & Coop (which we really loved!) has since closed down, but fortunately the YouTube and MySpace pages are still online from where you can view all the 6 episodes of this action packed sexy movie (actually for whatever reason which we don't know, the MySpace page will not allow you to view the last episode).  The episodes are very well directed and the whole thing is quite fun to watch.  A bit of action, fast driving, hot bikini car wash girls, a car that talks, tacky lines... well if you are a guy we’re sure that you are understanding us ;)