Blippy - What are you buying?

Social Media site Sharing Where Users Share What They Buy and Purchase
We remember that when we got to know about this site earlier this year and shared it with friends, we had received mixed comments.  Blippy is a social media share site mostly similar to Twitter, which we here presume everybody is aware of.  In both social media share sites, users sign up and can post and follow each other’s updates.  The only difference?  Whereas Twitter asks you “What’s happening?”, Blippy asks you “What are you buying?”

Upon signing up to Blippy, you can connect various purchase accounts such as eBay, Amazon, iTunes etc so that you can directly share your purchases done at these locations on Blippy.  You can also connect your debit or credit card and share your purchases this way.  Other Blippy users can then discuss, review and compare your purchases.

Blippy was, like most products, received with contrasting reviews.  Some said that it was not safe to give your credit card details to Blippy.  These were somewhat proved right back in April when credit card details appeared on Google, but the issue now seems to have been resolved.  Others said that sharing your purchases with others is too much of a private thing to do.  But the same was said when Twitter and Facebook were launched.  Today?  Facebook is the #2 site on the internet, only surpassed by Google.  And Twitter, which is purely a social media share site is not far back behind having climbed into the top 10.  We expect Blippy to continue growing in the next months and become more and more popular.  And we are looking forward to that!

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