@Astro_Wheels - the Twitter account updated in real-time from outer space!

Today’s site is... well... out of this world!  Actually we have lied a bit to you by that opening phrase.  To be completely honest with you, it is not a site, but a Twitter account.  And is it really out of this world?  Well to a certain extent yes.  Why?  ...because this Twitter account is updated from outer space.

Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock has been posting photos to this Twitter account (@Astro_Wheels) from aboard the International Space Station just like Mike Massimo (@Astro_Mike) had done previously last year.  Massino was in fact credited with being the first to tweet from outer space, however, because of technological constraints he had to send his tweets by email to his colleagues back in Earth for them to post them on to Twitter.  Earlier this year, it was reported that NASA had upgraded its software which is now allowing real-time tweeting!  The first tweet from space is now credited to Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T J Creamer (@Astro_TJ)on the 22 January 2010.

Check out Douglas Wheelock’s Twitter account to see stunning photos of the Earth from high above, photos of amazing auroras over the oceans, photos of hurricanes, photos of life aboard the ISS and much more.  Douglass has till November in command of the ISS so we are looking forward to his last month of updates from space!