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Looking for a trusted movie review website?  Or are you really in need of ideas for that upcoming movie night?  We have always made use of Rotten Tomatoes as our portal for all box office and DVD news, reviews and information.

Rotten Tomatoes derives its name from the cliche’ of audiences throwing tomatoes, and other vegetables, at a poor stage performance.  What we really like about Rotten Tomatoes is that apart from user reviews themselves, the site also contains reviews from authors which are certified members of various critic associations.  We greatly appreciate the reviews by normal users, but sometimes, especially for the less popular films, reviews from film critics are extremely important.

Rotten Tomatoes’ simple and effective search is brill!  We have in the past managed to get to know about films that although they were not popular at the local box office, they turned out to be brilliant and a real joy to watch.  Keep up to date with the latest news through the news section which is updated daily.  Get to know when your favourite movie is available on Blu Ray, or even get a look behind the scenes of that upcoming movie you have been waiting for since when you saw that “Coming Soon” trailer at the cinema.

Have a look for yourself... and perhaps you will never ever regret having watched a movie again.

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