50 Ways to Help the Planet - Go Green with these 50 Simple & Easy Concepts

Has the green revolution got into you yet?  Have you been thinking about ways and means how you can do your little bit to go green and help the planet?  And who has not?  Lately we have been bombarded with go green campaigns through all media.  The problem sometimes is that this concept of “going green” can be a bit overwhelming, especially with the busy lives that we have.  Today's site offers 50 simple tips and ideas; read on...

50 Ways to Help the Planet is a webpage dedicated to going green with simple and easy concepts that do not necessitate sweeping life changes.  Do you leave your computer switched in throughout the night?  Do you leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth?  And do you buy local produce or do you go for the foreign one?  The good thing about the 50 gathered points is that even the busiest of people can integrate these simple changes into their lives.  Humour is also present on the webpage.  It is suggested that we should shower with our partners... well... we did not require any “go green” incentive to do that, but well, let us regard it as an added benefit :>

50 Ways to Help the Planet is in reality part of Wire & Twine who print shirts as their business, including a 50 Ways to Help the Planet shirt.  So you might grab the shirt once you’re there as well.

Check out 50 Ways to Help the Planet at www.50waystohelp.com.