PrintWhatYouLike - Save Paper & Ink Printing Only What You Want

How many times have you printed directly from a website, and then later realized what a waste of ink those ads that fill up the page are?  And when you ended up printing the complete webpage with all the unrelated borders and other fancy stuff.  And have you ever printed out from a webpage only for the text to be too small for your liking?  Or for the text to run off the page?  Now, the guys at PrintWhatYouLike have given us the solution...

PrintWhatYouLike is a free online service that allows you to modify a webpage in seconds with a few simple clicks.  Just enter the URL of the page you want to print, and get going with formatting the page.  Remove that ad, increase the text size, remove that border here, remove that widget, reduce the blank space between articles and more.  Just press “print” and voila, the webpage on paper just as you wanted it .  No need to stay pasting text and images in a word document to format to your liking. 

We found this online free tool very easy and simple to use.  One tip we could give you is that in formatting, only click the border of the objects in the webpage, otherwise it will be like clicking on the object and may get directed to a new page.  So save money, save the environment and get that webpage exactly just as you want it on paper!

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