RUPissed? Online Breathalyser & BAC Calculator

free online breathalyser blood alcohol content bac calculator
For most of us, this festive season will be spent meeting friends, partying and drinking.  Cheers to that!  Just make sure that you don’t drive back under the influence.  You might try out this simple Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator from RUPissed?  One of the best ones we have encountered so far.  There’s also provide an iPhone app so portability is not an excuse... yet another issue might hinder you using this tool.

So how does it work?  Simply enter some personal details... age, gender, height and weight.  Then proceed to enter at what time you started drinking and start listing down what you have drank till now.  You’ve got a complete range of drinks to choose from based on their alcohol content, or you can also input your own.  The site then proceeds to tell you if you’re below or above the limit... well we think that if you have managed to fill all the details, and remembered all your drinks.... no worries you’re well below the limit ;) But still good to know that such a BAC calculator is available... at least you can use it for planning your night from before when you’re still sober.

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