- Animate Your Photos Online In Your Browser

Another fun site for the weekend. is aimed at allowing you to animate your photos and pictures online in a few simple steps.  This is not photo editing and enhancing, but animating and producing a sequence of movements and other moving effects in your picture.  It is more like producing silent cartoons.  Produced by a small Swedish company, this is their first website... but is it a start with a bang?

Let us start with one thing , design-wise this site put us off at first.  It seems as if one of those cheap sites... c’mon it looks like a pimped-up MySpace page of a teenager.  Still, without knowing why, we did not close the window immediately, and decided to explore a bit... and then things started turning around.

Just drag and drop your images into the template and off you go.  Move around that object, rotate that guy’s head, shrink down that cat and more.  You can even make use of clip arts that are provided by the site itself. is aimed at those users who are looking for a fun time occasionally animating pictures and producing simple silent cartoons out of their own images.  So if you are focused on producing complex and professional animations, don’t even bother checking out this site.  For that you will require expensive and dedicated software that will do much, much more than this site.

But do not think that the animations at are cheap.  If you are creative enough, the results can still be impressive.  Just have a look  for yourself at what past users have managed to create with such a simple application.

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