Saimir Strati - Paintings and Mosaics... with a difference

If you who love art, especially art with a difference, you have to check out Saimir Strati.  Coming from Albania, a painter and a mosaicist , Strati has made a name for himself by focusing mainly on being traditional and contemporary with an aim to revive the old technique and using daily/industrial material.  Strati has used nails, toothpicks, corks, coffee beans, mirror glass and much more!  

His paintings are really nice, but perhaps he is most famous for his mosaics.  Apart from their artistic beauty, Strati’s mosaics have also landed him some Guinnes World Records.  These include the largest nail mosaic, the largest toothpick mosaic, the largest corks mosaic as well as the largest paintbrush mosaic.  In fact, since 2006, Saimir Strati has sort of made himself a target of setting a new record each year.  The beauty of these records continues to increase since each of these have been as well a live performance.  So famous has he become and made a name to himself and to his country, that in 2009, Strati was decorated with the Honour of The Nation by the President of Albania.

Be sure to check out his site where you can see his collection of paintings and mosaics, as well as exclusive photos of him in action.

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