Road to Twenty Ten - African Media on the Road to 2010 (and beyond)

If you are thinking that today’s site is outdated, hold on a sec.  Road to 2010 is not just about the 2010 World Cup in Africa; it is much more than that.

This website is part of the Twenty Ten project inspired by the 2010 World Cup, and is primarily dedicated to reporting on African football and other issues from an African perspective.  African journalists representing 34 nationalities publish on the site through written articles, images, broadcasts and multimedia productions.

As stated in the site, “Twenty Ten aims to give African journalists a voice, both in Africa and worldwide, by offering them an opportunity to express their own views of African reality, as opposed to depending on foreign news organizations to report African news”.  Read on how a reformed inmate decided to join a football team to make something of himself.  Another journalist reports about the complexity in relationships between farm owners and their staff.  A freelance photographer also gives insight about a day in the life of an African sex worker.

This site is not just about football... and clearly not just about 2010.

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