Bond Lifestyle - Your Guide to be 007

Ever wanted to lead 007’s lifestyle?  Bond Lifestyle provides “a stylish and clear online guide to the gadgets, the clothes, the cars, the travel locations and the gambling habits of the most suave secret agent”.  And even if you are a girl perhaps having been dragged to the movies by your boy-want-to-be-Bond friends and ended up loving the lifestyle of Bond’s girls, there is also a Bond Girl section.

At Bond Lifestyle find inspiration to improve your style and perhaps even complete your 007 collection.  And how about planning a James Bond theme party with your friends?  Above all, we really love the gadget section.  It seems to include any gadget used in any James Bond film.  And it really includes a whole lot, starting from his mobile phone, his famous watches, his guns, and even his SIM Card Manager! 

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