Breathing Earth - A Visual Real-Time Simulator with a Green Soul is a visual real-time simulation that displays the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, birth rates, and death rates of every country in the world.  The creator, David Bleja, states that BreathingEarth is a website with a green soul. started off as a university project in which Bleja was asked to make an information graphic.  When he came upon data about birth rates, death rates, and CO2 emission rates for the countries of the world, he found the data interesting... but too daunting for anyone to go through the list for 200 countries.  So he decided to convert this list and give it to the public in a simple, digestible way, on one screen.

The interface is very simple and pleasing.  You just get a map of the world, no zooming or whatever, and you just pass your mouse over the different countries to get useful updated information about it.  You can opt to just stay looking at the map with all countries starting as yellow.  Each time a country emits 1000 tonnes of CO2 it flashes red.  Once a country has passed this level of 1000 tonnes of CO2 emitted, the country will turn to grey.

Check out at, or an interview with David Bleja and more information here.