Haltadefinizione - A Digital Reproduction of Timeless Art Pieces

haltadefinizione high definition of paintings leonarda da vinci restoration
Haltadefinizione?  Translated from Italian that means “high definition”.  Through a sophisticated process of digital imaging and photography, Haltadefinizione has reproduced timeless treasures of art into a digital format with the sharpest and finest of detail.  Check out various works of Lenoardo da Vinci, Giotto di Bondone, Agnolo Bronzino, Sandro Botticelli and much more.   And it’s not just the painting per se... what the painting is about and illustrates, but even all the cracks present in these greatest treasures in the history of art have been reproduced.  Through a simple user interface, you can zoom in on any part of these paintings and examine the minute of details and further appreciate the grandeur of these paintings.  Our favourite one?  The Ultima Cena of Leonardo da Vinci... in fact ordering one surely would fit nicely at home.

Check out Haltadefinizione at www.haltadefinizione.com.