International Mountain Day 2010 - Raising awareness on indigenous peoples and minorites

international mountain day 2010 raising awareness on indigeneous peoples
Since 2003, the UN has assigned December 11 to be International Mountain Day.  Every year a different theme relevant to sustainable mountain development is observed.  This year’s theme?... “Mountain Minorities and Indigenous Peoples”; so that awareness is raised about indigenous peoples and minorities who live in mountain environments and the relevance of their cultural heritage, traditions and customs.

Now, you might think that such peoples exist in some far away continent, perhaps Africa, Asia or South America.  But you will be partially wrong.  Just have a look at the International Mountain Day website and information is given about these cultures that still exist today, with some of them even present in Europe. 

...One of these are the Walser, the original settlers of Switzerland’s Haut-Valais region.  But who are they exactly?  Their way of life?  Language? ...etc.  Fortunately, a project financed from the European Development Fund has been working to put what it could about these people online.  So check out the Walser’s history, economics, sports, and lots more... including their dialect and a dictionary.

Check out the International Mountain Day website here.

Check out the Walser Project at here