Qatar 2022 World Cup Winning Bid - Amazing, Impressive, Eco-Friendly and Philantropic

qatar 2022 world cup bid stadiums green environmentally friendly philantropic
Two days ago, the winning bids for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups were announced.  In 2018, the most prestigious football tournament will be heading to Russia, whilst four years later... to Qatar.  Now we do love watching football, but not that football crazy to the extent that we are constantly checking what’s hot in the football world.  So, we did not even know who were the candidates, and when it was announced that the 2022 World Cup will be hosted by Qatar, questions started to pop up... “Where?... How is Qatar?... Are they football crazy there?... Do they play that much football?” 

So we googled, and here is the site of Qatar 2022 World Cup bid.  And yes we are amazed and impressed.  The stadiums especially are out of this world!  Not only are they aesthetically impressive, but they are even eco-friendly and carbon-neutral.  All the stadiums will harness the power of the suns rays to provide a cool environment for players and fans by converting solar energy into electricity that will then be used to cool both fans and players.  And when games are not taking place, the solar installations will export the energy onto the power grid.  During matches, when obviously more electricity will be required, electricity will be drawn from the grid.

And it gets even more impressive.  the upper tier of 9 of the stadiums is modular, so that it can be removed after the tournament finishes.  What about this?  The idea is to send these upper tiers to developing nations which often lack sufficient football infrastructure.  This will allow the further development of football on the global stage.  

The site was down for the past two days, probably due to a surge in traffic, but everything seems fine now.

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