Wikileaks the Easy Way

One of the most popular topics during the past weeks has been Wikileaks.  Now most of us might not have grasped the concept and what actually is going on.  To keep it simple, Wikileaks publishes submissions of private, secret and classified media which originate from anonymous news sources and news leaks.  Problem is that the Wikileaks site leaves much to be desired.  It’s just too complex and daunting to search through.  So others have attempted to make this easier. 

Our favourites are the interactives by Spiegel Online and The Guardian.  Both feature a map of the world, from where you can check out which countries have been referenced, together with the articles in question.  Now both are not that accurate... the Spiegel one needs updating, and The Guardian one is not that complete when it comes to countries referenced... but still a good starting point for those just starting to explore the topic.

Check out the Wikileaks interactive by The Guardian here.

Check out the Wikileaks interactive by Spiegel Online here.