Share your New Year's Resolutions and let's all cheer each other on

New Year’s Day... a new year, and a chance to start anew.  Many of us in fact look back at the previous year, and try to learn from our mistakes.  Then we set ourselves some targets for the coming year... calling them the New Year’s Resolutions.  Many might not know, but this tradition of the New Year’s Resolutions is older than 2000 years.  Thing is, changing your life is hard, especially when doing it by yourself.  But now it can be a bit easier for all of us thanks to

The idea is to share your own resolutions and cheer each other on to achieve the targets.  You can also check out the most popular ones for 2011, as well as for the previous years... together with those fundamental tips and advice to ensure you stick to your resolutions.  Another cool section is the feature to check out the most popular goals in different cities around the world.  And the ‘lose weight’ resolution has been topping the charts for the past 5 years now, except for recession year 2009 when ‘save money’ was top.

Check out and share your own resolutions on here.