Ads and Brands of the World

What if you were asked to mention the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “adverts”?  Glued to the telly during a film’s climax only for the story to be interrupted by those annoying clips?  Buying an expensive magazine only to realize that it has an advert on every other page?  Sighing at the third advert shown before that premier night of what is expected to be the year’s blockbuster kicks off?

Yes, adverts tend to be a nuisance for us all.  But what if they are collected and uploaded to a website where they are not interrupting that movie... or making you flip that mag after every single column read?  Then things get really different.  Have a look at, and those same previously annoying clips are the source that keeps you clicking and scrolling through the site.

The site features thousands of adverts of different media, such as video clips, printed ads, online, radio and outdoor.  You can also search by location and look for those adverts that are, or were, near you. 

Clicking on the tab “logos” will direct you to, where one can find various logos, also downloadable in vector format.  The same goes for this logo section were users can search for logos by category, location etc.

Have a look for yourself.  We found ourselves that whereas usually we would have gone to get a drink during that ad break, today we got ourselves a drink to view these ads.

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