The Nissan Leaf - European Car of the Year 2011

the nissan leaf european car of the year 2011
And today, the winner for European Car of the Year 2011 has just been announced... with the award going to the new Nissan Leaf.  It’s the first time in 47 years of this award that an electric vehicle has come on top, and 18 years since Nissan last won the award after they had won it in 1993 with the Micra.  Back to the Leaf... a really innovative vehicle with that cool factor and best of all... that environmental conscience.  No tailpipe... no emissions!  And at 21db of noise... that’s less than what a ceiling fan produces!  The Nissan Leaf will be available at around March, but if we were you we would be heading to your nearest Nissan dealer today.

That’s enough from our part on the Nissan Leaf.  There are two very good sites where you can explore more.  The European site features a really nice sort of walkthrough around the vehicle.  You can also opt to open the door and sit inside.  Click on various parts of the vehicle and you are given further info.  What is cool about this walkthrough is that it is not the normal 360 degree view.  You are sort of whisked around the vehicle as if you were really standing next to it.  Also, you can also bend on your knees to explore the undercarriage... for those that want to confirm the inexistent tailpipe thing.  What we're still not convinced about this walkthrough is the female robotic voice, but then that's no big deal.  They want to market this car as something coming from the future, which is not that far from what it actually is when you compare it with other cars of the same class.  Then there is the American site, which focuses more on giving information to the public.  Don’t worry, it’s not all bla bla bla.  You can opt to view the videos, so just press play and sit back and relax whilst getting to know the Leaf closer.  Combine both sites and you have all you ever need to know about the Nissan Leaf.  So once you visit your dealer, it’s merely a case of signing the papers and getting on that waiting list.

Check out the European site of the Nissan Leaf here and the American site here.