Vertu - Pioneering Luxury Mobile Phones

vertu homepage of pioneering luxury mobile phones very expensive with diamonds
So you think that your mobile phone is expensive?  Or even exclusive?  Then check out these mobile phones by Vertu.  This British-based manufacturer is to the mobile phone industry as Rolex, IWC or Patek Phillippe are to the watch industry.  The most expensive model is the Signature Cobra valued at 310,000, but you can get a regular Vertu model for $55,000.  These mobile phones are made from gold, sapphire, rubies, fine leather and other very (verrryyyyyy!) expensive materials.  There is even a special button on the side of every phone known as the “Vertu Concierge”.  Press it and you get through a team of lifestyle managers ready to book your gourmet dining or luxury travel requirements.

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