The Darwin Awards - A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises

I am sure that most of you have heard about the Darwin Awards, but I still feel the need to point out this site even to merely refresh that website database in your mind; and to those that have never heard of them, well, continue reading! :>

The Darwin Awards are named after the evolutionary Charles Darwin, and are given to people who remove themselves from the world's gene pool through so called idiotic fashion.  Hence the name "Darwin Awards", since through their demise, they are sort of improving the overall world's gene pool.  I know that it may sound a bit harsh, but when reading some of these unfortunate cases you end asking yourself only one question:
"What was going on through his mind?" (or
her mind to be politically correct).

Read how an airplane hijacker robs passengers and then escapes by plunging to his death with an untested home-made parachute.  Or how another built an electric fence around his car to protect from robbers, only to forget about the fence and get electrocuted himself.  The most voted in 2003 was that of an Australian who placed a lit firecracker between the cheeks of his buttocks, stumbled and fell upon it.  These are just 3 examples of previous Darwin Award Winners/Nominees.  For more visit  The Darwin Awards.

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