TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

TED contains a wide range of talks given out in TED conferences curated by the American non-profit organisation Sapling Foundation which aims to disseminate "ideas worth spreading".  The site is a highly interesting one and the pleasing aesthetics of the layout continue to add value and an extremely comfortable viewer experience to the site.

Hundreds of videos are currently available on TED.  Want to hear how schools may be killing creativity?  Or perhaps you want to learn more on the science of motivation?  And why are we happy?  And why are we not happy?  Why do people succeed?  What do we learn from a gecko's tail?  And how do bacteria "talk"?  These are some of the talks featured in TED.  If you are one of those that have never heard of this site, you are missing a lot!  It is reported that till July 2010, the site has attracted more than 290 million viewers.

Access TED at www.ted.com