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Today’s site is for those who are interested in energy news, with World Energy Media claiming to be “the most exciting thing to happen to energy since the cavemen discovered fire”.  ... OK perhaps this statement is a bit exaggerated, but hey everyone wants to promote his product as being the best one.  And well, according to us at, World Energy Media is one of the best, if not the best, site there is on the topic.  And this we formulated before reading the “about us” section... making their previous statement seem somewhat a bit too much of self promotion.

Anyway, back to the site, World Energy Media state that their “goal is to be the most dynamic, unbiased, and informative site in existence for everyone interested in energy as an investment, or in changing the way that they live their lives”.  The site features up to date news on various energy topics, including wind, solar, ocean, hydro electricity, bio fuels, carbon, clean coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and geothermal.  Users can browse through these categories through a pleasing user interface and get to know of news and updates from around the globe.  Videos and podcasts sections are also present, with other sections including a white paper section and a presentations section seemingly in the pipeline.

World Energy Media may not be the most exciting thing to happen to energy since the cavemen discovered fire (at the moment we are extremely excited about eliminating our mobile USB chargers cables, laptop power cables etc. through wireless electricity), but it is a very good resource for those interested in energy topics.

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