Picnik - photo editing the easy way, online in your browser

Ever had that photo you wanted to edit and touch up a bit but Photoshop is not your area?  Perhaps give the image a bit of a blur around the edges?  Or give it that slight tint and even a slight cartoon effect touch?  Lately, various online programs have been developed which allow you to do this... we have gone about testing several of these to find the best one for the novice and photoshophobia person.

To such people, there is Picnik; an online image editor that is quite fun to use.  Neat, simple symbols... no difficult image-enhancement specific jargon... well overall it is highly welcoming to the novice user both aesthetically as well as the options it gives.  The user is given quite a bit of these options to play about with.  Resizing, cropping, sharpening, red-eye removal, effects, speech bubbles etc.  We really enjoyed the wide range of fonts available.  These are just a few of the options Picnik has got to offer.  And contrary to some other programs, it accepts a wide range of image formats - jpg, bmp, png etc. so there is no need to change the image format prior to uploading to the site.

One thing we are a bit critical to, the continuous reminder to upgrade to the premium version which will offer more options.  Come on Picnik, the novice user is not that interested in those settings which will cost money.  And for the photo enhancer lover, well there are other image editing software options, Photoshop to name one.  But overall for basic image editing, Picnik is over there at the top for us.  They realized that the novice user requires a fun and simple environment... and that is what Picnik is all about.

Access Picnik at www.picnik.com