Stuff On My Cat - Stuff + Cats = Awesome

Today we go across to the cute side of the net. has been around for some time now, but activity has yet remained quite high.  As the name of the site implies, the site features photos of cats with stuff on them.  And as the slogan of the site says: Stuff + Cats = Awesome.

Get ready to see cats wearing a fake moustache, covered in clothes, covered in soap, wearing masks or dressed up as little girls.  The ideas that some people come up with are endless.  The photos are also placed into categories, so you can browse through similar photos.  Some photos deviate a bit from the title and feature cats in boxes, cooking pans etc. but they are still cute so we still want to see them.  Users submit their own photos and then others can suggest captions for each photo.  A winning caption is then chosen and placed as the title caption of the photo.

Another version of the site is Stuff On My Mutt, which can be accessed from the same site and is of the same concept except that it features photos of dogs.  Browse through both versions if cuteness is one of your powers.  You will be checking on the site every now and then :>

Access Stuff On My Cat at