- Statistical Data made Simple, Effective and Pleasing was launched just over a year ago with the aim to provide a simple and interactive way of showing statistical data.  Want to see how the minimum legal age to buy alcohol varies around the world?  Or perhaps interested in knowing the current oil production around the world?  And which countries have the oldest populations?  And where in the world do you have most choice when it comes to cinema screens?

Browse through the various charts presented in the site.  All charts are referenced and “derived from authentic sources such as core set of books, government documents, technical reports, selected primary journal literature and websites”.  They are further split up into categories to enable one search for similar statistics easily.  

What we really like about this site is the manner in which the data is presented.  This is no boring-to-look-at statistical website.  On the contrary, the general format of presentation is a map of the world and you just have to drag your mouse over the countries to be given the data for each specific country.  Very simple, very effective and very pleasing!

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