Bugatti Veyron - Get Up Close and Personal with the Fastest Legal Road Car in the World

At the moment, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport version is the fastest road car in the world.  Top speed?  A whopping 431.072 km/h!  Yes, you can actually drive one on your road to work, well not at that speed for sure.  But do you know the history behind this success?  Or do you know the technology under that sleek body?  Ever wondered how it is manufactured?  And ever been close and experienced a Veyron?

Check out the Bugatti website.  Get to know the brand’s history through an interactive timeline and see photos of Bugatti vehicles through the ages.  As the site states, “to fully appreciate the fascinating world of Bugatti, you need to look back in time”.  And milestones and successes?.... this brand is full of them.  Take your time to read through detailed reports and stories bringing 100 years of successes right on your desktop.

Dedicated sections to each of the Bugatti Veyron’s currently in production provide you with all the details you may need regarding the Veyron 1.6, Grand Sport, and the fastest Super Sport itself.   Read about the technology, history, manufacturing and even configure your own model!

And then there is our favourite part... a virtual tour of Bugatti’s factory grounds at Chateux St Jean in Alsace, France.  Where else could such a brand reside except at a glorious French chateux?  Start off at the magical gate of this chateux and walk through the magnificient rooms and parks.  A tour guide is also present to provide you with stories about the castle and its role in the brand’s success.  Photos, panoramas, stories and videos are also present at each location that you visit.  Once you are at the Atelier, make sure you watch the video of the Veyron being assembled.  At the end of your tour, you find the Bugatti Veyron itself.  Hop in, and you are taken for a virtual ride... well for most of us that’s perhaps the closest we are ever going to get to a Veyron :>

Check out Bugatti’s website at