Globe Genie - Teleport Yourself Randomly

Most of us have some time or another accessed Google Street View.  Although we love it, we tend to visit the places which we know of.  We start from our living neighbourhood, workplace area, and then drift off to popular places and cities.  But there are much more interesting places caught with Google Street View!  So let Global Genie teleport you to a random place for you to discover.

You just have to choose a continent (you can choose multiples or all), press ‘Teleport’, and let yourself be teleported to a random place.  The addiction with the site is that you are continuously pressing the ‘Teleport’ button to discover that new place.  A simple webpage, simple interface, but we love it.  Till now we have been driving in Bristol, in the Mediterranean city of Alicante, driving beneath the high-rise buildings in Tokyo, on a highway in the middle of an Australian desert, in a small mountainous island to the west of the Sahara called Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and even in Antarctica!  Now off to somewhere in the Americas :>