Events In The Sky - Take Your Events Up to the Next Level... Literally

Today’s site is so much there at the top.  Well not the site per se... but the idea!  “Events In The Sky” gives you the means to make your event a truly unforgettable experience.  How?  In a few words, organize your events up above all the rest... and this is to be taken literally.

Whether your event is a dinner, a simple meeting (well it would not remain simple anymore), a conference, a concert, opera, lecture, an unveiling ceremony, or even a marriage, transform it from one of the normal day-to-day events to the magical once-in-a-lifetime event.  The events are hosted on platforms which are then suspended at a height of 50 metres.  Lunch over the Grand Canyon, organize that meeting above the city of London, welcome the New Year over the casinos in Las Vegas, watch the Formula 1 above the streets of Monaco, watch that concert from up all above the rest, and why not tie the knot up there in the stars closer to the angels?  The ideas are endless... well after all we have said that these will be magical events!

And don’t worry about feeling cold.  The platform offers an infra red heating system to keep your guests warm  and comfortable.  Bathroom facilities are also available.  The platform can also be equipped with TV sets, speakers, and even bungee jumping!  The company has organised hundreds of events since it started operating back in 2006, so lack of experience is not an issue.  On the contrary, this has led the company to further innovate and come up with ever more extravagant ideas.

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