Face Your Food - Where Does Your Food Come From? - A Fairfood Viral Video Campaign

Today is this year’s World Food Day, and Fairfood International have come up with an innovative idea in their continuous promotion in encouraging sustainability in the food industry and contributing to the fight against poverty and hunger around the world.  The idea?...  “Have you ever stopped to think about where your food comes from?”  The means?... A viral video campaign titled “Face Your Food”.

Fairfood international has been lobbying multinational campaigns to change their production and trade methods.  In the process, Fairfood has realized that this requires tremendous public support.  And this year, the Face Your Food campaign is bringing together a global community to fight for a more sustainable food industry.  As stated on the campaign’s site, “this campaign invites people from across the world to film themselves while eating. The video is then automatically slowed down and played backwards. This faces us with the question where our food comes from.”  Watch people drinking a glass of water, wine, milk, eating a tomato, an orange, lettuce, an egg, a banana, biscuits and much more... but all in reverse.  

Some viewers have described the video clips as 'unsettling’ and ‘disgusting’, since they show the food coming out of people’s mouths.  We however think that this is a great and effective way of promoting the idea to think where our food really comes from.  So why don’t you participate yourself?  Get that camera rolling and film yourself eating something... the more original that it is the better.

Check out Face Your Food at www.face-your-food.org.