Imagine Peace - Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE

And it seems that this week is awards week.  Yesterday it was the turn for the LennonOno Grant for Peace award.  This award ceremony got us to visit once again Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace website.

First of all, to those unaware of the LennonOro award, this biennial award was created in 2002 to honour John Lennon’s dedication to peace and commitment to the preservation of human rights, and is presented by his wife Yoko Ono.  As we mentioned last week in another article, this year marked 70 years since John Lennon’s birth and to mark this special anniversary, the award was presented to four persons instead of the usual two.

Now back to the Imagine Peace website... this is a portal for various projects initiated by Yoko Ono to highlight peace and love.  Ever heard of the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland?  Or about the “My Mommy is Beautiful” and “My Daddy is Beautiful” campaigns?  Read also various interviews of Yoko Ono, browse through her extensive discography and artwork, read articles, watch video clips and more.  Just have a look for yourself.

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