The Making of "Techno Jeep" - Musically Brilliant, Visually Impressive!

You have to check out this webpage!  After we saw it we were eyes wide open and off to our Twitter accounts.  Techno Jeep is the idea of Julian Smith who with the help of his friends turned his Jeep into a music machine.  No don’t imagine speakers, tweeters and a set of subs at the back.  The musical notes are achieved by parts of the Jeep itself!

Julian spent weeks sampling each sound of the car and figuring out how to arrange these sounds to achieve something to be entertaining.  They used everything, from the locks of the doors, to the doors themselves, even the steering wheel as the kick drum!

Watch it out... it took two months of practice, and one long take.  Yes, it was shot in one whole take... no breaks or whatever.  If one of them made a mistake, they would have had to start all over again.  As much as it is musically entertaining, it is also visually impressive!  Just as they imagined it I guess, you can’t get any better.  We in fact got to watch the whole thing... and a second time to learn more and be able to write this review.  Now off to show it to our non-Twitter friends :>