Temporary Temples - Crop Circle Images, Videos, and More!

Interested in crop circles?  Those patterns that suddenly appear overnight in fields and are created through the flattening of crop such as wheat, barley, rye etc.  In 1991, two self-professed pranksters stated that they had started the phenomenon in 1978 by making actual circles with the use of simple tools.  But since then, crop circles became much more complex, some even geometrically perfect.  Temporary Temples is the work of 15 years of photographing and researching crop circles.

Read about when and where such crop circles usually appear.  Did you know that one of the largest crop circles measured over 900ft in diameter?  It appeared in Milk Hill, in Wiltshire, and the design was made from 409 circles all arranged in a circular spiral.  But what we love most about the site is the gallery section.  Temporary Temples contains all the latest crop circle images, plus an extensive archive spanning 15 years!  Video footage of certain crop circles is also available on the site.  Make sure to watch the Milk Hill UFO footage, captured in 1990.  The video shows a ball of light, the size of a beach ball, close to two crop circles near to Milk Hill.  This footage is the first time that a ball of light had been filmed close to crop circles.  The theories are endless, but that each one to his own.  Since then, many people have filmed similar objects in and around crop circles.

Check out Temporary Temples at www.temporarytemples.co.uk.