Your Ghost Stories - Publish Your Real Ghost Experience! is your source for real ghost experiences... yes, all stories are user submitted.  Have you ever experienced any kind of activities related to ghosts, spirits, haunting, and haunted houses?  If you are a psychic, medium, ghost hunter yourself, or merely interested in ghost appearances and the paranormal, you have to check out this site.  Perhaps someone else has posted about that ghost you think might have seen during this past Halloween weekend.

We have to point out that is not intended for children under 13, so if you are younger than 13 please stop here and please do not access the site.  To the elder ones, there are more than 7000 user submitted stories!  Haunted houses, close ghost encounters, flying dishes, footsteps in the attic... even a haunted girlfriend!  There is also a gallery and video section, where users have posted their own real photos and footage.  And if that gets you in the spirit of ghosts and what is happening on the other side of the paranormal life and our physical senses, why not go ahead and book a ghost hunting tour?  You might come back with some interesting stories to tell and footage to show us.

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