Watch the Allure of the Seas pass under the Storebaelt Bridge with a foot to spare!

Allure of the Seas is the Royal Caribbean’s new cruise ship and it is expected to fill your days at sea with wonder.  It has 28 ultra-modern loft suites, 2,700 spacious staterooms, and with 16 decks, this ship is one of the biggest out there.  The normal height of the ship from the water level to the top is 73 metres, but to make it to its home port in Florida from Europe, it had to pass from under Denmark’s Storebaelt Bridge, which is 65 metres above sea level.  Yes that's right, 65 metres are significantly less than the 73 metres height of the ship.

To make that possible, the ship’s retractable twin smokestacks had to be lowered, and the ballast had to be adjusted so that the ship won’t be too light.  The speed also had to be boosted to create a suction effect and thus lower the ship further into the water.  Watch these explanations and the footage of the Allure of the Seas passing under the Storebaelt bridge.  At the end we were only thinking how could they have made it more precise than that?  There was only a foot to spare between the ship and the underside of the bridge.

Watch the footage here.