Deep Blue - The Computer that Defeated the World

In May 1997 man went against machine.  The reigning World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov, played a fascinating match with IBM's Deep Blue Supercomputer.  The event was captured live on IBM’s website, where millions of chess and computing fans tuned in to witness the event in real-time.  The match ended up totalling six games.  Kasparov won the first, only for Deep Blue to claim the second.  The following three games were drawn, in which a winner would have claimed the whole match.  The next was then won by Deep Blue, to claim “the most spectacular chess event in history”.  The achievement was also branded as "the end of an era, the beginning of another".  And you can still relive this event, check out all the moves and commentary.

Relive the match and watch all the games move by move here.