Futureme.org - Send an email today to your future self

Quite simply, futureme.org will let you send an email today to your future self.  The concept is simple, usually it’s the future self that reflects back on the past, but what if this had to flip around?  And memories are less accurate than emails, and everybody loves accuracy.  Combine these together and this site will let your present self email your memories to your mysterious future self.

And it’s not only about sending a letter to your future self, there is another little twist.  If you designate your email as “public, but anonymous”, it will be included in the public letters section and others can enjoy reading out your email.  Obviously, your email address will not be shown.  It’s only the body and the subject of the letter that are made public.  And it really is enjoyable reading out the public letters.  You might even find someone who is thinking more or less the same things as you are.  So send out that letter to your future self, or simply browse through the letters that have been sent by other users.  Some public letters, although they have been sent, have still yet to be delivered to a future person.  Cool right?  It’s no surprise that since starting in 2002, futureme.org has grown and grown by the day.

Check out futureme.org at www.futureme.org.