London 80 Gigapixel Panorama - See the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and More than You can Imagine!

One of the impressive sites.  Do you remember the Paris 26 Gigapixels record breaking panoramic project?  One of our first postings... since then this has been broken by the London 80 Gigapixels panorama by Jeffrey Martin from 360Cities.  It is stated that he spent 3 days shooting, and 6 weeks stitching and editing!  So hop on and see the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine... And there are prizes as well!

The interface is quite simple and nice, although we do hate the central google ad when not in fullscreen mode.  On the left you can also open up a map, click on a landmark, and off you go.  Or else you can just click ‘take a tour’ and  sit back and relax while you are whisked off to the most prominent places and various random unknown places in London.  Still, we do have to say that it was easier to navigate in the Paris 26GP Project.  In this London panorama there is the tendency to lose control and not be able to zoom correctly onto a particular landmark.  But there is one huge plus at the moment... starting from today you can participate in treasure hunts in this  city photo and win cool prizes!  So get exploring that huge London panorama photo and you might win yourself cool stuff!

Check out the 80 gigapixel London panorama here.