Castrol Rankings - Who is the Best Footballer at the Moment?

Who is the greatest footballer of them all at the moment?  Who are those players that are gracing the game in Europe’s top 5 leagues?  Check out the Castrol Rankings which uses mathematical formulas to evaluate various player performance in terms of how individual actions either assist or prevent goals.  So is it Messi?  Ronaldo?  Or is there somebody else that is featuring better in the rankings?

What we really like about this site is that you can even search for the best players by different criteria.  So check out who are the best attackers and midfielders.  Or would you like to compare the various defenders... or perhaps just the goalkeepers.  You can also search for players according to nationality, or by the league that they are playing in.  Another feature is that you can even search by individual clubs.  The searches and the combinations are endless, and next to each player you are even shown whether that particular player has gone up or down in the rankings since when the rankings were last updated.  Click on a particular player and you are also given that player's history and how he has fared in the rankings throughout his career.  Bliss!

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