LOOK AT ME - Photos like a story with just an introduction

LOOK AT ME is a collection of photos... found photos.  The photos featured on the site were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away.  They were then found years later, and as a result, the photos are nameless.  There is no connection with the persons in the photos, or the photographer who captured those instances.

The LOOK AT ME project started in 1998 when Frederic Bonn and Zoe Deleu found some photos in a Paris street.  Till then, users have sent in photos which they found and today the site features more than 600 photos.  Some photos were found on the street, stacked in a box, even bought at a flea market.  The photos feature all kinds of people, all kinds of expressions.  Smug, happy, loving, playful... there is only one thing in common... all the people in the photos are strangers to us.  The photos are like a story with just the introduction.

Check out LOOK AT ME at www.moderna.org/lookatme.

Note.  We have to point out that the LOOK AT ME project has not been updated since 2008, but we still felt that it should be featured.  We only hope that the owners will at least keep the site online.