The Memoirs of Private Jefferson Moses and Eugene Goodwin of the American Civil War

Today’s site features the memoirs and diaries of two soldiers that fought in the American Civil War way back in the 19th century.  The diaries were found in very poor condition, and it is stated that they were very difficult to fully transcribe and put online.  As a result, only the selections that were deemed to be most interesting are available.  And the spelling has not been changed, except where necessary for clarity.  So read on about the lives of Private Jefferson Moses and Eugene Goodwin and prepare to be transported back to the 1860s during the American Civil War.

The site was set up more than 10 years ago, with some revisions later on.  So don't expect a flashy site but still the content is highly interesting.  You can even see scanned copies of the original enrollment and discharge forms of Private Jefferson Moses and Eugene Goodwin.  Read on about illnesses during the war, helping their wounded comrades and even getting to know about President Lincoln's assassination.  These diaries and memoirs are one of the closest means that we can get to experience the American Civil War today... memories put on paper more than 100 years ago.

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