McDonald's History the Interactive Way - We're Lovin' it!

What if we had to ask you one simple question... When did McDonald’s open?  Pretty sure the majority might not be able to answer that one, and we’re dying to go ask the question to the McDonald’s workers behind the counter.  The answer: 1940.  Yes it’s been 70 years now since Dick and Mac McDonalds opened the first Bar-B-Que restaurant in California.  Since then the company has grown to one of the largest chains serving more than 58 million customers... and that is daily!  Check out McDonald’s rich history in this interactive timeline, part of McDonald's international website.  Check out when French Fries replaced potato chips in 1949, when McDonald’s went international in 1967, Happy Meal in 1979, McCafe in 2009 and more!  We’re lovin’ it!

Check out McDonalds' history here.