Help Turn the Map of the World (RED) for an Aids Free Generation in 2015

the RED initiative homepage for an aids free generation in 2015
Today is World Aids Day, and depending where you live, you might notice prominent landmarks turning red.  The idea is to raise awareness for the goal of an AIDS Free Generation due in 2015.  You might ask why red?  Well, (RED) is a simple idea that strives to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.  Iconic landmarks turning (RED) include the Sydney Opera House, the London Eye, Table Mountain, the Niagara Falls and even the Seattle Space Needle.  But how can YOU turn (RED) and help?... just read on.

The whole idea of (RED) is to transform our collective power as shoppers into a financial force that helps those affected by HIV in Africa.  How? ...Well, to date, over $160M has been generated and 5M people have been helped through global fund programs that (RED) supports.  This has been achieved through people buying products from (RED) partner companies, and up to 50% of the profit goes to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

But do I have to buy something to turn (RED) and actually help?


It’s not only by purchasing products that you can help.  If you watch this (Starbucks)RED video of an exclusive performance by The Killers today, Starbucks will contribute $0.05 to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.  If you missed the link in the previous sentence... just click --> here.

Also, when you change your facebook profile picture by choosing one from the (RED) facebook page or post that #turnred tweet on twitter, you are also helping turn the map of the world (RED).  Just visit the (RED) website for further instructions.  A map of the world shows you the activity in people and places turning (RED). Go on and be one of them.  It only takes a couple of seconds, and if you might think that it's useless, you are clearly underestimating collective power.

Check out the (RED) website here.

We so want you to watch the (Starbucks)RED video of The Killers that we're giving you another link here.