The Positivity Project Contest Top 10 - Wake up every morning and choose a positive attitude

positivity project wake up every morning with a positive attitude towards life
The Positivity Project was created in order to make people more aware of how they are focusing their time and energy.  Each time you wake up every morning, you choose your attitude.  The Positivity Project is here to make sure you choose a positive one.... And then a contest was created... to show others how positivity can affect communities and personal lives around the world. 

The rules of the Contest were to create an entry that reflects on the themes how positivity has affected my life, impacted the life of someone I know, how does my positivity story motivates others or else how I might spread positivity to others if given an award.  The winner will receive $10,000 and the other in the top 10 will receive $2,500 with the intention of paying forward the Poser of Positive.

The winner of this Positivity Project Contest has not yet been announced, but will be announced next Monday 13 December.   Till now only the top 10 finalists have been determined.  We could have waited until the winner was announced and brought you the news on that day, but we think that each of these top 10 finalists is special and worthy for you to read.  And since we’re not sure if all the top 10 will be displayed on the Contest site, so we thought best thing would be to let you know of these know.  Then check back next week to see who the chosen winner will be.

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