Google Zeitgeist 2010 - How the World Searched

most popular google searches 2010 zeitgeist report
So which are the top Google searches for 2010?  Wonder no more... Google has just released the Google Zeitgeist Report 2010.  Perhaps by no surprise, the fastest rising search is Chatroulette... with the iPad, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Friv, Myxer, Katy Perry, Twitter, Gamezer and Facebook making it all into the top 10.  Now the Google Zeitgest 2010 Report gives much more information, such as the top 10 searches in various other cetegories... but this is no normal boring report.  Google have done a wonderful job to make this report as fun and enjoyable to browse through... less text... more visuals!

Once you access the Google Zeitgeist 2010 Report, you just see a map of the world together with the Top 5 events of the year; the World Cup in South Africa, the Olympics in Canada, the Haiti Earthquake in Haiti, the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and finally the Ash Cloud in Iceland.  All these affected millions of people worldwide, so it is by no means that they generated millions of Google searches.  Click on any of these events and you can see how the searches were distributed throughout the world.  A slider at the bottom of the map allows you to see when these searches were most hot throughout the year.

Below this map, you are given the top Google searches for various categories... ‘fastest rising in entertainment’, ‘fastest rising people’, ‘in the news’, ‘fastest rising food & drink’ and more and more... together also with the ‘fastest falling’.  People have finally relaxed with the swine flu issue with it topping the ‘fastest falling’ category.  Then, just click on a particular search and you are given further info such as in which countries was that search most popular, top search terms etc.  Google have also produced a video entitled “How the World Searched”... a summary of the Google search story for 2010.

Check out the Google Zeitgeist 2010 Report here.