Make a Promise to Yourself on World Mental Health Day 2015

Image showing the promise wall on which users can pin up a photo and a promise to make themselves feel better

Today is World Mental Health Day, with this year's theme being "Dignity in Mental Health". It is claimed that one in four adults and one in ten children are likely to have a mental health problem in any given year. Percentage-wise this is quite a lot, impacting the lives of millions of people, and potentially affecting their ability to sustain relationships, work, or just get through the day. Mental Health Australia is tackling this by proclaiming that "Mental health begins with YOU". They are encouraging you to start by writing a meaningful mental health promise to yourself. Keep it short and achievable. To make it more interesting, they have set up a virtual wall onto which you can pin up your promise with a photo.

Browse through thousands of user promises on this wall and go ahead and start by making yourself better by that short promise to yourself here.