The Fun Theory - Simple and fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better

Today's site is based on an initiative by Volkswagen (VW) to promote the "thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better".  We got to know of this site around a year ago, and could only remember about it vaguely.  In fact, it took us a while to trace it back, but through a couple of keywords which were still somewhere there embedded deep in our minds, we finally narrowed it down on google :>

The idea is simple: to come up with a simple and fun approach to get others choose the best option.  VW then announced that a competition would be set up for people all over the world to come up with several fun and simple concepts.

The videos below (taken from The Fun Theory homepage) show some examples of VW's campaign.  There is no need for a description... the videos explain clearly each concept is.

Bottle Bank Arcade Machine

Piano Staircase

The World's Deepest Bin

We have to admit that we particularly love the Piano Staircase one.  It is an ingenious way to do something that few of us would choose to do when we have another easier option.

The Fun Theory Award Competition Winner

Hundreds of submissions were presented and can be viewed on the site.  VW announced the winner to be Kevin Richardson from the USA for the submission "The Speed Camera Lottery".  The idea is that those who overspeed are fined, with the money collected from these fines being placed in a lottery jackpot which open to those that observe the speed limit.  Watch the video below.

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